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Attention NPG Members and Activists!  Make your voice heard. 

We have a unique opportunity to finally see some real government progress on the issues we care most about – immigration-driven population growth and the devastating, long term effects of such growth on our environment and resources.  The Council of Environmental Quality, a division of President Trump’s executive branch, is now taking comments from the […]

1965 and All That: Federal Laws That Increase Population and Illegal Immigration

The U.S. has never had a formal population policy – has never tried to directly limit population growth or fertility rates. Any such policy would likely start with constraints on groups with the highest fertility rates: the poor, the poorly educated, minorities, and immigrants. The politics of such a move would be daunting. Charges of racism, elitism, and government meddling in a decision best left[…]

Renewables to the Rescue? The Myths, The Reality, and Why a Smaller U.S. Population is Needed to Save the Planet

Can the U.S. economy run on renewable energy alone? That may seem like a fanciful question at a time when the incumbent President insists that climate change is a “hoax” and is determined to restore coal to its once preeminent role in the nation’s energy supply. But a few years back Mark Z. Jacobson, a prominent Stanford University professor of engineering, published a widely acclaimed article claiming that energy from the wind, the sun, and […]

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