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NPG Special Reports critically dissect the linkage between immigration, population, and the environment. They also propose step-by-step solutions to the problem of U.S. population growth.

Reinventing Malthus for the 21st Century Celebrating the Bicentennial of Malthus’ Original Population Essay

Celebrating the Bicentennial of Malthus’ Original Population Essay The 200th Anniversary of one of the most provocative essays in the history of Western thought is upon us, the original edition of An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus, first published in 1798.   This important essay first identified the geometric role of […]

Immigration and U.S. Population Growth: An Environmental Perspective

Controversy over U.S. immigration policy is by no means new to the political landscape.  Since 1819, when Congress passed the first significant law regulating immigration into the United States, successive debates over immigration have stirred emotions and polarized perceptions.  It is not surprising, then, to find that environmentalists, confronted by the issue with increasing frequency, […]

Poll Finds One-Fifth Opposed to All Immigration

by Michelle Mittelstadt  Associated Press February 26, 1996 Washington (AP) – Nearly eight of every 10 Americans believe immigration rates should be dramatically scaled back and fully one-fifth want a halt to all immigration, legal or not, a new poll suggests.  The roper poll, commissioned by a small non-profit group that advocates a substantially decreased […]

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