Forum Papers

Feminism, Migration, And Population Policy: A Letter To My Friends by Lindsey GrantOctober 2018
Save the Earth…Don’t Give Birth (NPG Booknote)by Edwin S. RubensteinAugust 2018
America’s Insane Asylum Policy Threatens National Securityby Edwin S. RubensteinAugust 2018
Population Threats to America's Rivers, Estuaries, and Lakesby Christopher Daly August 2018
1965 and All That: Federal Laws That Increase Population and Illegal Immigrationby Edwin S. RubensteinJuly 2018
Immigration, Population and the Labor Market: Toward a Fair System for American Workers by John ThompsonMay 2018
Renewables to the Rescue? The Myths, The Reality, and Why a Smaller U.S. Population is Needed to Save the Planet by Edwin S. RubensteinMarch 2018
The Impact of Immigrant Children on America’s Public Schools by Christopher Daly March 2018
How Millennials Are Slowing U.S. Population Growth and Enhancing Sustainabilityby Edwin S. RubensteinNovember 2017
To Grow the Economy Increase Human Capital, Not the Number of Humansby Edwin S. RubensteinSeptember 2017
Resurgent Pro-Natalism in the Trump Administrationby Tracy HenkeAugust 2017
America's Groundwater: Are We Doing Enough to Save it?by Christopher J. DalyJuly 2017
Collision Course: Infrastructure and U.S. Population Growthby Edwin S. RubensteinJuly 2017
Reforming Birthright Citizenship: A Must For U.S. Population Policy (An NPG Position Paper) by NPGJune 2017
Formulating Immigration Policy in a Time of Reform: A Plan For The Compensated Repatriation of Illegal Aliensby John Thompson April 2017
Earth Day and Population: A Missed Opportunityby Leon KolankiewiczMarch 2017
Chain Migration: How Immigration Begets More Immigrationby Jessica M. Vaughan February 2017
The Impact of U.S. Population Growth on Global Climate Changeby Edwin S. RubensteinJanuary 2017
Framework of the Futureby Walter Youngquist December 2016
Growth of Foreign-Born Population Surges as U.S. Economy Recoversby David SimcoxNovember 2016
Crushing Biodiversity with the Weight of the Human Raceby Leon KolankiewiczOctober 2016
The Singular Centuryby Walter Youngquist September 2016
Sanctuary Cities: Politics Overshadow Responsible U.S. Immigration Policies (An NPG Position Paper) by NPGAugust 2016
Overpopulation: The Ultimate Exploiter by Dr. Karen I. Shragg July 2016
The Impact of Refugees on the Size and Security of the U.S. Population by Edwin S. RubensteinJune 2016
The Scale of Things and Demographic Fatigue by Walter Youngquist April 2016
Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation (NPG Booknote)by NPGMarch 2016
The Negative Economic Impact of Immigration on American Workers by Edwin S. Rubenstein March 2016
Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment by Dr. Albert A. BartlettFebruary 2016
There is Still Time (NPG Booknote)by David SimcoxFebruary 2016
Immigration Drives U.S. Population Growth by Edwin S. Rubenstein January 2016
ALL IN THE FAMILY: Preferences for Relatives Drive U.S. Immigration and Population Growthby Jessica M. Vaughan October 2015
Geonomics 101by Christopher ClugstonSeptember 2015
Dying of Thirst: Population Growth, Climate Change Aggravate Water Shortagesby Leon Kolankiewicz September 2015
The Other Soil Erosion: Long-Term Erosion of Our Productive Farmland Base from U.S. Population Growthby Leon Kolankiewicz July 2015
The President's Column - NPG Statement on Populationby Donald MannJune 2015
A Geomoment of Affluence Between Two Austere Erasby Walter Youngquist June 2015
Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot – Photo Essay: Humanity Spreads – Life Supports Shrink (NPG Booknote)by David SimcoxJune 2015
Food Security In The 21st Centuryby David R. MontgomeryApril 2015
Why We Need A Smaller U.S. Population And How We Can Achieve It (An NPG Position Paper) by Donald MannApril 2015
Remembering the Immigration Act of 1965: the 50th Anniversary of a Population Game-Changerby David SimcoxMarch 2015
State of the Union Address: Touting More Growth with More Peopleby David SimcoxFebruary 2015
Foreign-Born Population Keeps Rising: Immigration Trumps Critical Need for U.S. Population Reductionby David SimcoxNovember 2014
More Nonsense on Inexhaustible Resources from The Wall Street Journalby Leon Kolankiewicz November 2014
Two White Hats (An NPG Footnote)by Lindsey GrantReprinted
September 2014
The Two Child Familyby Lindsey GrantReprinted
September 2014
An Essay on a Sustainable Economy (An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannReprinted
September 2014
A No-Growth, Steady-State Economy Must Be Our Goal (An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannReprinted
September 2014
Urgently Needed Now: A National Policy to Reduce U.S. Population (An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannJuly 2014
Our Plundered Planet and a Future of Lessby Walter Youngquist July 2014
Sobering Wisdom from the Elders (NPG Booknote)by David SimcoxJune 2014
Toward Negative Population Growth: Cutting Legal Immigration by Four-Fifths (An NPG Position Paper)by David Simcox and Tracy CanadaMarch 2014
Whatever Happened to the Good Old Days?by Christopher ClugstonMarch 2014
Ecological Economist Brian Czech’s Supply Shock: A Persuasive Road Map to a Steady-State Economy (NPG Book Review)by David SimcoxJanuary 2014
Capitalism: Growth, Greed and Collapseby Lindsey GrantOctober 2013
Population Politics: An Australian Case Study (NPG Footnote)by David SimcoxOctober 2013
Hurtling Toward 50 Million: California Expands the Welcome Mat for Illegal Immigration (NPG Footnote)by David SimcoxOctober 2013
Overpopulation and Overconsumption: Where Should We Focus? (Revised)by Michael HanauerAugust 2013
Growth Slows, But No End in Sight in Latest Census ProjectionsBy David Simcox June 2013
Where Have You Gone, Harry Reid? (NPG Footnote)By Lindsey GrantMay 2013
Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (NPG Footnote)By David SimcoxApril 2013
Revisiting the Chesapeake Bay, The Effect of Population Growth on America’s Largest EstuaryBy Tom HortonMarch 2013
Little Known Presidential Population LeadershipBy Otis L. GrahamJanuary 2013
The Southwest: Ground-Zero For Global Warmingby Kathleene ParkerAugust 2012
Happy Days Are Here Again?by Lindsey GrantMay 2012
The Meaning of Sustainabilityby Professor Albert A. Bartlett April 2012
The Sources of Unemploymentby Lindsey Grant February 2012
Two White Hatsby Lindsey GrantFebruary 2012
Is Fracking An Answer? To What?by Lindsey GrantDecember 2011
The UN 2010 Population Projections:  A Proposalby Lindsey GrantJune 2011
Australia Considers A Population Policy: Any Lessons For A Drifting USA?by David SimcoxApril 2011
The Apocalypse is on Scheduleby Lindsey GrantMarch 2011
All in the Family: Preferences for Relatives Drive U.S. Immigration and Population Growthby Jessica VaughanJanuary 2011
November's Lessonsby Lindsey Grant November 2010
Geoengineering and the Misplaced Faith in Growthby Lindsey Grant October 2010
Peak Oil 2005 (NPG Footnote)by Lindsey Grant September 2010
Haiti's Problems, and Their Lessonsby Walter Youngquist February 2010
The Great Silence: U.S. Population Policyby Lindsey Grant February 2010
Immigration and America’s Unchosen Future by Otis Graham, Jr.September 2009
Book Review – 2045: A Story of Our Future (NPG Book Review) by David SimcoxApril 2009
President and Congress Should Equip Government To Address Domestic Population Growth by David Simcox March 2009
Population Policy For A Depressionby Lindsey GrantFebruary 2009
Population: An Unacknowledged Presence At World Food Crisis Talks by David SimcoxJuly 2008
The Edge of The Abyssby Lindsey GrantFebruary 2008
Peak Coalby Lindsey Grant December 2007
Thoughts on Immigration Into The United StatesBy Albert A. BartlettDecember 2007
Peak Oil. Are We There Yet?by Lindsey GrantNovember 2007
A False Choice: Citizenship or Mass Deportation: A Realistic View of Today's Immigration Debateby Donald Mann September 2006
Toward Negative Population Growth: Cutting Legal Immigration by Four-Fifthsby David SimcoxJune 2006
Zero Tolerance For Illegal Immigration: An Urgent Policy Need(An NPG Internet Forum Paper)by Donald MannMay 2006
A Proposed National Population Policyby NPG Staff and AdvisorsFebruary 2006
Awakening? (An NPG Internet Forum Paper)by Lindsey Grant2005
Should New Orleans be Rebuilt?by Walter Youngquist2005
Whatever Happened to the Teeming Millions? (An NPG Internet Forum Paper)by David Nicholson-Lord2005
A Vast Social Experiment: The Immigration Act of 1965by Otis L. Graham, Jr.October 2005
Social Security and the Fear of Agingby Lindsey GrantAugust 2005
Spending Our Great Inheritance; Then What?(An NPG Internet Forum Paper)by Walter YoungquistSpring 2005
Peak Oil: A Turning Point for Mankindby Colin J. CampbellSpring 2005
Encircling the Peak of World Oil Productionby Richard Duncan and Walter YoungquistSpring 2005
Minerals Move People (An NPG Internet Forum Paper)by Walter Youngquist Spring 2005
The Steady-State Economy: What It Is, Why We Need Itby John AttarianMarch 2005
Land, Water and Energy Versus the Ideal U.S. Populationby David & Marcia PimentelJanuary 2005
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (NPG Booknote)by Lindsey Grant2005
The End of Fossil Fuels: Part 2 - Twilight or Dawn?by Lindsey GrantNovember 2004
The End of Fossil Fuels: Part 1 - How Long the Twilight?by Lindsey GrantOctober 2004
The New American Century?by Lindsey GrantMay 2004
Humanitarian Immigration: Third World "Persecution" Swamps the Westby David SimcoxMarch 2004
It's the Numbers, Stupid!by Lindsey GrantSeptember 2003
Forecasting the Unknowable: The U.N. "World Population Prospects: The 2002 Revision"by Lindsey GrantJune 2003
Diverging Demography, Converging Destiniesby Lindsey GrantJanuary 2003
Amnesty: Overpopulation by Fiatby David SimcoxDecember 2002
An NPG Commentary: The United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development - A Counter-Productive Exercise in Futility (An NPG Internet Forum Paper)by Donald MannOctober 2002
A No-Growth, Steady-State Economy Must Be Our Goal (An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannAugust 2002
The Environmental Futureby Gaylord NelsonOctober 2000
Towards a Stationary U.S. Population (NPG Special Report)by Leon BouvierJuly 2000
The Fate of Americaby Timothy PalmerJune 2000
Growth Management Strategies for Stopping Growth in Local Communitiesby Gabor ZovanyiJune 2000
The Wrong Apocalypse (NPG Booknote)by Lindsey Grant1999
Better Not Bigger (NPG Booknote)by Sharon McCloe Stein1999
An Essay on a Sustainable Economyby Donald MannSeptember 1999
The Growth Management Delusionby Gabor ZovanyiAugust 1999
Ending Illegal Immigration: Make it Unprofitableby David SimcoxMarch 1999
A Tale of Two Futures: Changing Shares of U.S. Population Growthby Ed LytwakMarch 1999
Our Demographic Future: Why Population Policy Matters to America (NPG Special Report)by Mark W. Nowak1998
The Impact of Immigration on U.S. Population Size: 1950 to 2000by Leon BouvierNovember 1998
Social Security: The Ponzi Path to Dystopiaby David SimcoxOctober 1998
A Bicentennial Malthusian Essay (Review)by Sharon McCloe SteinAugust 1998
Malthus: More Relevant then Everby William R. CattonAugust 1998
Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis (NPG Special Report)by Dr. Albert A. BartlettApril 1998
Overpopulation and Overconsumption: Where Should We Focus?by Michael HanauerMarch 1998
Nixon and American Population Policy: Anniversary of a Missed Opportunity (NPG Footnote)by David SimcoxMarch 1998
Immigration and U.S. Population Growth: An Environmental Perspective (NPG Special Report)by Mark W. Nowak1997
Official Optimism Journalistic Hype: The 1996 UN Population Projectionsby Lindsey Grant December 1997
In Support of a Revolutionby Lindsey Grant December 1997
Sustainability Part III: Climate, Population and UNCED+5by Lindsey Grant October 1997
They Asked the Wrong Peopleby Lindsey Grant August 1997
Stormy Seas and Head in the Sand (NPG Footnote)by Lindsey Grant August 1997
Uncoupling Growth from Prosperity: The U.S. vs. Japan (NPG Footnote)by B. Meredith BurkeAugust 1997
A U.S. Population Policy: Let's Talkby John R. BerminghamAugust 1997
Reinventing Malthus for the 21st Century: A Bicentennial Event on Malthus' Original Population Essay (NPG Special Report)by Anthony Wayne SmithJuly 1997
Sustainability Part II: A Proposal to Foundationsby Lindsey Grant March 1997
Sustainability Part I: On the Edge of an Oxymoronby Lindsey Grant March 1997
Ending the Explosion: Population Policies and Ethics for a Humane Future(NPG Booknote)by David Simcox1996
Huddled Excesses(NPG Footnote)by Michael LindApril 1996
The Case Against Immigration Book Review (NPG Book Review)by David SimcoxNovember 1996
A Tale of Ten Cities(NPG Booknote)by Donald MannApril 1996
Population and The PCSD(NPG Booknote)by Lindsey GrantApril 1996
China as an Emerging Nation: What it Means for the Rest of Usby Lindsey GrantApril 1996
It’s Time to Stop at Two
by Leon F. BouvierApril 1996
The Pope's Visit: Is Mass Immigration a Moral Imperative?(NPG Footnote)by David SimcoxDecember 1995
Political Asylum: Achilles' Heel of Immigration Controlby David SimcoxNovember 1995
The Cowering Giant(NPG Footnote)by Lindsey GrantOctober 1995
Confronting the 21st Century’s Hidden Crisis: Reducing Human Numbers by 80%by J. Kenneth SmailAugust 1995
In Praise of Patriotism(NPG Footnote)by Lindsey GrantAugust 1995
A New Look at the Immigration Debate(NPG Booknote)by Leon BouvierJuly 1995
We're Already Bailing Out Mexico(NPG Footnote)by B. Meredith BurkeJuly 1995
A Checklist for CIR(NPG Footnote)by Lindsey GrantMarch 1995
Down with Growthism (NPG Footnote)by Leon BouvierFebruary 1995
The Caribbean Immigration Centrifuge: A Portent of Continued Immigration Growth(NPG Footnote)by David SimcoxFebruary 1995
Clinton on Population, Part 1: Sobering News from the Real Worldby Lindsey GrantFebruary 1995
The Case for Reducing Immigration from Over One Million to 100,000 a Year (An NPG Position Paper)By Donald MannFebruary 1995
Clinton on Population, Part 2: Waiting for Alby Lindsey GrantFebruary 1995
The Costs of Overpopulation (NPG Booknote)by Donald MannSeptember 1994
Perspectives on Immigration: The Issue is Overpopulation (NPG Footnote)by Lindsey Grant & Leon BouvierAugust 1994
The Cairo Conference on Population and Development (An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannAugust 1994
The Cairo Conference: Feminists vs. The Popeby Lindsey Grant July 1994
The Two Child Familyby Lindsey Grant May 1994
Into the Wind... Unemployment and Welfare Reformby Lindsey Grant March 1994
The Timid Crusadeby Lindsey Grant January 1994
The Tightening Conflict: Population, Energy Use & the Ecology of Agriculture by Mario Giampietro and David PimentelOctober 1993
Demography and Health Care Reform by Lindsey GrantOctober 1993
Alice in Wonderland: U.S. Immigration Policyby Lindsey GrantJune 1993
EPA's Population Non-Policy (NPG Footnote)by Roy BeckJune 1993
A Beleagured President, A Fizzled “Economic Stimulus Package” and a NAFTA Time Bombby Lindsey GrantMay 1993
A Congenial Job for the Vice President (NPG Footnote)by Lindsey GrantMarch 1993
Carribean Boat People: Clinton's First Crisis? (NPG Footnote)by Daniel JamesDecember 1992
What We Can Learn from the Missing Airline Passengersby Lindsey GrantNovember 1992
Hurricane Andrew: The Population Factor (NPG Footnote)by Robert W. FoxSeptember 1992
Why We Need a Smaller U.S. Population and How We Can Achieve It (An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannJuly 1992
The Biologist and the Economist: Is Dialogue Possible?by Nathan KeyfitzJune 1992
The L.A. Riots and U.S. Population Non-Policy (NPG Footnote)by Lindsey GrantMay 1992
Immigration and Jobs: The Process of Displacementby Donald L. HuddleMay 1992
Immigration, Jobs and Wages: The Misuses of Economicsby Donald L. HuddleApril 1992
Refugee and Asylum Policy: National Passion Versus National Interestby David Simcox and Rosemary JenksFebruary 1992
Free Trade and Cheap Labor: The President’s Dilemmaby Lindsey GrantOctober 1991
Population and the “EIS”by Joseph J. BrecherMay 1991
Oil, Egypt and Israel: The View in 1995By Lindsey GrantApril 1991

*Reconciling Texas and Berkeley: The Concept of Optimum Populationby Lindsey BrantNovember 1989
*How To Get There From Here: The Demographic Route to Optimal Population Sizeby Leon F. BouvierDecember 1989
*Land, Energy, and Water: The Constraints Governing Ideal U.S. Population Sizeby David and Marcia Pimentel January 1990
*Political Confrontation with Economic Reality: Mass Immigration in the Post-Industrial Ageby Vernon M. Briggs, JrFebruary 1990
*Sustainable Immigration: Learning to Say Noby David Simcox March 1990
*Manning the American Military: Demographics and National Securityby Martin Binkin May 1990
*Neighbors' Problems, Our Problems: Population Growth and Central Americaby Robert W. FoxJune 1990
*Balancing Humans in the Biosphere: Escaping the Overpopulation Trapby Robert CostanzaJuly 1990
*Energy and the Population: Transitional Issues and the Eventual Limitsby Paul J. WerbosAugust 1990
*How to Influence Fertility: The Experience So Farby John R. WeeksSeptember 1990
*Optimal City Size and Population Density for the 21st Centuryby Alden Speare, Jr. and Michael J. WhiteOctober 1990
*You Can't Go West: Stress in the High Countryby Dennis BrownridgeNovember 1990
*The Plight of the Chesapeakeby Stephen Tennenbaum and Robert CostanzaDecember 1990
*The Most Overpopulated Nationby Paul R. and Anne H. EhrlichJanuary 1991
*The Kingdom of the Deafby Lindsey Grant February 1991

The Second Great Wall of China: Evolution of a Successful Policy of Population Controlby J. Mayone StycosOctober 1989
“NIMBY’s” and the Fenceby Lindsey Grant October 1989
Secure Identification: The Weak Link In Immigration Controlby David SimcoxMay 1989
Too Many Old People or Too Many Americans?: Thoughts About the Pension Panicby Lindsey GrantJuly 1988
Europe in the Energy Transition: The Case for a Smaller Populationby Lindsey GrantJuly 1988
Immigration and the U.S. Energy Shortage(An NPG Position Paper)by Donald MannMay 1988
Family Responsibility(An NPG Position Paper)by Anthony Wayne SmithAugust 1987
A Population Focus for U.S. Aidby Lindsey Grant June 1987
Beyond Family Planning (An NPG Position Paper)by Anthony Wayne SmithMay 1987
The Population-Environment Connection: Who Makes It?(NPG Special Report)by NPG

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