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class-raising-handsNPG continues to strive toward our primary objective: educating American citizens and legislators about the devastating effects of overpopulation. One of the most important avenues is our nation’s classrooms, where we aim to inspire young minds to carefully examine population growth in both the United States and the world.

Each year we create Teacher’s Packets, always available free of charge to educators, that include Student Fact Sheets, our popular U.S. population poster, and a choice of NPG Forum papers on specific population issues. We distribute an average of over 35,000 Student Fact Sheets to more than 400 schools nationwide every year. We feel these resources will prove invaluable to schools and teachers, getting the facts to the very students most likely to be affected by continued population growth. The Effects of Overpopulation series provides more detailed information on the relationship between population growth and various aspects of our daily lives. (NPG plans to continue to expand this series and we invite any suggestions for additional topics.)

All of NPG’s educational projects are designed to foster a greater understanding of the need for a smaller, truly sustainable U.S. and world population. Please feel free to visit our Library for downloadable versions of our educational materials that you can share – we depend on the help of concerned and active educators like you to bring our message to a broader audience!

Students of any age can now join NPG for a discounted rate!  This membership is also a wonderful gift idea for children, grandchildren, or any young person you know.  For just $15, students will receive a full one-year membership to NPG – which includes email commentary, NPG publications, and the latest updates on NPG programs such as our Annual Scholarship Contests.

For more information on these projects, or to request materials for use in your classroom, please email us at

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“Love your materials. They provide a great resource for students as they considered issues of environmental stewardship and sustainability, connecting both to the ongoing concerns of continued population growth nationally and globally.”
                        Mr. Alan Mills (Racine, Wisconsin)

“I use your resources as a starting point for student research…  My students really seem to understand the significance of population growth as it relates to all issues of sustainability and environmental stewardship.”
                        Anonymous Teacher

“Thank you so much for these resources. I teach AP Human Geography and everything you have totally aligns with the curriculum.”  
                        Anonymous Teacher

“Thanks for these resources- this is an important topic ignored too long by too many. I think my students will enjoy, or at least find interesting, becoming aware of the implication of growing population.” 
                        Mr. Paul M. (Silver Spring, MD)


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity.  I was very delighted and honored to learn I was selected as the recipient of NPG’s Foundation for Human Conservation Photography Scholarship.   Thank you for your contribution towards my education.  I am excited to attend college in the fall to pursue a degree in graphic design.  Thanks to your wonderful organization for making it all possible!”
                        Alianna Holst

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and choosing me for one of the scholarships from such a great organization! As you know college is an expensive endeavor and every cent goes a long way, so I am extremely grateful!!!
                         James Wang

Thank you so much for this opportunity, I really enjoyed writing the essay and it means a lot to hear you liked it. I feel honored to be selected!
                        Calvin Wilder

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