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NPG Special Reports critically dissect the linkage between immigration, population, and the environment. They also propose step-by-step solutions to the problem of U.S. population growth.

Toward a Stationary U.S. Population

The United States, as the millennium arrives, is overcrowded. We are fast approaching 300 million inhabitants. More and more people are convinced that something must be done and this is especially evidenced by the current attention and concern given to the enormous and mostly unplanned suburban growth—or as it is generally called, “urban sprawl.” Our highways are overwhelmed; […]

Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis

Dr. Bartlett’s comments on the 20th Anniversary of “Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis”    Background Around 1969, college and university students developed a major interest in the environment and, stimulated by this, I began to realize that neither I nor the students had a good understanding of the implications of steady growth, and in particular, of […]

Our Demographic Future: Why Population Policy Matters to America

This intriguing piece takes a look at the beginnings of America’s concern with overpopulation, and our lack of a national population policy today. The first section describes the unfortunate abandonment of congressional support for changes deemed necessary by the Rockefeller Commission 25 years ago including President Nixon’s dismissing of the Commission’s recommendations even though the […]

Americans Have Spoken: No Further Population Growth

Americans Have Spoken: No Further Population Growth by Dr. Leon Bouvier Senior Fellow, Negative Population Growth Introduction    “The [optimal] balance, in the case of the United States, would seem to me to have been surpassed when the American population reached, at very maximum, two hundred million people, and perhaps a good deal less.” 1 These […]

A Survey Of American Attitudes About Population Size: Towards A Smaller U.S. Population (Executive Summary)

Executive Summary A Survey Of American Attitudes About Population Size: Towards A Smaller U.S. Population Policy Makers Alert: New Poll Reveals Clear Attitudes Regarding U.S. Population Size and Growth To determine American public opinion with regard to U.S. population size and growth, NPG commissioned a Roper Starch survey. The survey, conducted in December 1995, was […]